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Justin on the campaign trail


I grew up in the woods and ball fields of Alabama, attending public schools, and eventually graduated from UAB, before later attending the United States Naval War College. Alabama is my home, my refuge, and set the foundation of my understanding of what it means to be an American. From the suburbs of Birmingham, to the high mountains of North Alabama, to the oceans down south, my experiences made me who I am.


America offers more opportunities than any country in history, and during my 20's, I took advantage of all that came my way. From time working as a conservative writer, to serving the People on Capitol Hill, to working for President Trump, to driving forward a company to be listed on the Nasdaq in 2022, I have experience from I-59 to Wall Street, and everything in between.

If there is one thing my experiences have taught me, it's that the People of Alabama are being woefully undervalued, mistreated, and are on the cusp of entering into a point of no return. Without appropriate representation at the highest levels, the government disasters and infringements that have plagued us these past three decades will only get worse.  

I will prioritize what is best for Alabama, its people, and their future. I will give Alabama the ability to influence policy and destroy corrupt political institutions. I will make Alabama’s elected representation more representative of the strong will and virtues of Alabama. We have been left behind, discarded, and moved to the back of the line. Together, we can reverse this trend, change course, and renew the potential of Alabama and our People.

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